At Gregory Pemberton Designs we can help with every step of your custom project providing services from initial consultation through final installation.  Our success is built on a foundation of extraordinary customer service, meticulous project management, and flawless craftsmanship.  Because we are a custom shop and make all of our cabinets to order we have the ability to personalize every aspect of your project.

Initial Consultation

Visit your home or office to learn more about you, your life style, and your project: Purpose:

Establish design direction, style preferences, goals, flow, and spacial dimensions.


Work with the architect, designer, builder, and or builder to determine the scope of the prject, materieals, harware, an speciality items to provide a competitive bid and time estimate for the job.


After the bid is accepted and Gregory Pemberton Designs has been contracted all paperwork is created. Final scope and design details are agreed to prior to starting work. Any changes to the scope of work are handeled in a professional manner with change requests and new detailed shop drawings being produceced to communicate the changes and get written approval.

Detailed Designs

Prepare a complete set of shop drawings for your project. Review the design plan and discuss any questions or concerns with the concept discusses the integration of various materials for your project.

Build / Project Management

Our experience ensures the project is built to spec with no delays and cost-overruns which are typical with custom cabinet projects.


We work closely with your builder and the other trades to ensure your caabinets are delivered and installed on time. We take pride in our craftsmanship, service and our attentio to detail. We work clean and efficiently.

Final Walk Through

Once the project is completed, we conduct a final walk through. Taking pictures of all installed cabinets ensuring everything is built and installed with no flaws or defects. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your final product. And guarantee our work.

Working with GPD was a great experience. Every step of the process was fully communicated and proceeded without a misstep, from initial consultation, shop design review, cabinet build, to final installation.